Hello from the Left Coast! Just an hour’s drive north of Santa Barbara, you’ll find a lovely little valley and the city of Lompoc. This is my adopted town and it’s really a microcosm of life in the USA.

My life has been dominated by a few things…music being one of the biggest loves of my short life. Rock and roll, from the early stuff of the 60’s and 70’s, through the big hair and synthesizer 80’s. The soundtrack of my–and our–life continues to move past the 90’s into the new century.

Oh, let me write it like a marketer would…”newCentury.” Post-rock, new millenial, whatever you want to call the era we’re living in now. Seems to me like a rebirth and time to reappreciate the best of all that has gone before. Which brings me to this blog and its purpose.

You’ll see and perhaps hear my recommendations of songs in a three-at-a-time format. A “triple play,” one could call it. I’ll review a trio of tunes that will exhibit reasons to listen to them again and correspond to my few guidelines.

Triple A Tunes guidelines: no hair bands, no spandex wankers, no heavy metal.

That’s the guidelines for now. If there are any more to add, I’ll add them later!